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Structured Breathing! (written 8/20/2014)

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More is being revealed about the miracles of Structured Breathing, but today I tried it on a severe allergy attack, and it instantly stopped the itching and sneezing!

From Clayton Nolte:

Structured Breathing: How It Works for You! There are many folks now using Natural Action Technologies Structuring Units to energize and neutralize toxins from their daily water intake. Many users, or potential users, are beginning to find out and explore the notion of using their same unit as a Structured Breathing device.

Why would a person pursue this? Or, more directly, what benefit does a person receive from breathing through a structuring device? Glad you asked!

There is a simple principle to all heath that brain neurologists and physiologists know. The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) must be regulating for the brain to control all the functions necessary for human health.

To quote Wikipedia:

The autonomic nervous system (ANS or visceral nervous system or involuntary nervous system) is the part of the peripheral nervous system that acts as a control system that functions largely below the level of consciousness to control visceral functions,[1] including heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate, salivation, perspiration, pupillary dilation, micturition (urination), sexual arousal, breathing and swallowing. Most autonomous functions are involuntary but they can often work in conjunction with the somatic nervous system which provides voluntary control.

1.) This means you don’t have to think about asking your heart to pump or your lungs to breathe every minute of the day for your body functions to run smoothly.


The ANS is divided into three main sub-systems: the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS), sympathetic nervous system (SNS),[1][3] and the enteric nervous system (ENS).[2] Depending on the circumstances, these sub-systems may operate independently of each other or interact cooperatively. ENS consists of a mesh-like system of neurons that governs the function of the gastrointestinal system.[4] SNS is often considered the "fight or flight" system, while the PSNS is often considered the "rest and digest" or "feed and breed" system. In many cases, PSNS and SNS have "opposite" actions where one system activates a physiological response and the other inhibits it. An older simplification of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems as "excitory" and "inhibitory" was overturned due to the many exceptions found. A more modern characterization is that the sympathetic nervous system is a "quick response mobilizing system" and the parasympathetic is a "more slowly activated dampening system", but even this has exceptions, such as in sexual arousal and orgasm, wherein both play a role.[2]

Without the ANS regulating, the body goes into a state known as disregulation. The brain starts shutting down its circuit board. As more circuits shut down, overall body function decreases. Illness and dis-ease begin to occur.

What are some of the agents that blow fuses and cause this shut down?

2.) Stress-causing emotions, toxins (chemical, heavy metal, EMF, teeth), and pathogens (virus, bacteria, etc.), lack of nutrition (water, air, minerals, etc.) are all known disregulators, to name a few.

Good news!

With the Natural Action Technologies Structuring Units, what we have found, and research daily, is that we witness each and every person regaining ANS regulation! That is, through the use of Structured Breathing, every person has the ability to open and maintain a regulating nervous system!

Through regular daily use of the structuring units, the primary mechanisms of the body are turning the circuit board back on!

In our research here at Natural Action Technologies, several medical and scientific modalities have been used to show that this is actually occurring. Notably, we employ daily:

1. Autonomic Response Testing (A.R.T.), the work of Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D. This is advanced biofeedback, known more commonly as Applied Kinesiology muscle testing.

2. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Cun Guan Chi pulse testing.

3. Korean Hand Therapy (KHT) Yin Yang Pulse Diagnosis.

4. Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) High-tech

computerized biophotonic (light energy) analysis developed by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov and a multidisciplinary team of over 300 top Russian scientists and doctors.

5. Acugraph computerized meridian diagnosis. We are currently working to validate the structuring process with the Endocardiograph 2, an acoustic heart monitoring device first built in 1937 by Dr. Royal Lee, founder of Standard Process.

Now, we must still look and find the toxic loads that may be present in a diseased state. Also, we assist the body to remove these burdens. However, through structuring, the fundamental needs of water and air can now be maintained at higher quality levels than ever before.

Hence, the good news is the structuring process. As the structuring units instantly and automatically energize and neutralize toxins consistently from the air and the water, the cells in your body can carry out their innate processes more effectively. The two most vital nutrients of the body, water and air, are becoming more available to the cells. In their wake, the other nutrients of the body, (minerals, vitamins, enzymes) can follow suit: energizing and improving cellular process.

We are also finding an important part of structuring (perhaps one of the most important?) is the release of old toxic emotions that hold organs and endocrine function in weaker energy states. It is a daily occurrence to watch people’s faces obviously change remarkably from stressed to relaxed and open with structured breathing. This may occur even more profoundly as a person focuses on their specific stress complaint as they breathe through a unit. In other words, breathe through what’s bothering you now...or, our acronym has become (B.I.O.) Breathe It Out. And then, all of a sudden, it’s like...Poof!

Instantly, old emotions resolve. Regulation occurs. Brain function improves. Voila, health begins its return. Now, as you instantly and easily START using structured breathing daily, what will happen with your first structured breath?

We hear people tell us consistently, “My breathing just got deeper.” “I am feeling way more relaxed.” “My sinuses just opened up.” The immediate statement from one participant in structured breathing of “My body now feels centered!” is an inherent validation and recognition that the two aspects of the ANS, Sympathetic (the gas pedal) and Parasympathetic (the brake), are now aligned.

You may have the realization like a lady who stepped up to perform structured breathing for the first time in her life at the age of 49.

This lady was enduring a pain in the finger/wrist area that occurred while handling her luggage. She also had sciatica on the right hip and noted how her leg felt like a stump and was having pain down into her calf.

She was quickly assessed for a priority of where her body was at: 1)Physical? 2) Emotional? 3) Mental? or 4)Spiritual?

Her priority, like most patients/people, was in the Emotional. This is very common to our clinical experience, we would venture that 92% of patients coming in first and foremost have Emotional adversity as a priority. To put it realistically, that’s just about everyone.

This is where it becomes fun...a.k.a, enter the joy of structuring. The NAT structuring units have not only been instrumental in neutralizing the physical toxins out of water such as chlorine and flouride, but as we have been learning, the emotional toxins can be quickly processed out as well!

So... In the matter of next two minutes, we simply elicited the age of her emotional scenario using Applied Kinesiology. Then, we elicited whether it was about a male, female or just her in the scenario... It was around the age of 16 and a female. With that, she already knew who it was and what it was about. So, we asked her, "Please focus solely on that scenario and how it makes your body feel, as we breathe 1 complete breath through each of the 5 Steps."

Then, we led her through the 5 Step Structured Breathing Sequence. That is, 1 breath in and out, through each of the 5 steps.

THE KEY HERE IS: We didn't just have her do the breathing... We did the breathing WITH her. This immediately took the pressure off her not knowing what to expect breathing through some plastic tube and it took the pressure off us because now we were just breathing and enjoying a few breaths together...and vice versa. During the second minute, we even had a mutual friend come in and join in on the fun. This creates a much stronger impact on the quantum field as the two or more of you clear out adversity, resistance, or entropy (chaos) of old negative emotions. This is a new view of a concept that has been around in medical practice: namely, be neutral with your client.

This experience has been repeated now with many people's problems and shared structured breathings. The feeling here is that unless one is practicing high level qi gong, and even if one is, there is ALWAYS some part of the practitioner or a person that is not at zero point and therefore affects the patient unknowingly and invisibly in the course of their time together or afterward. Ask yourself, “How many times when being with a person, do I make a judgment about that person’s health, what they look like, etc. and then, how does that affect my time with them?” The important thing is here is that we have a way to not only negate that factor, but improve all the people breathing in the process at the same time!!!!

This idea of breathing with a person or persons brings both of you to higher levels on the quantum curtain of ease, openness, and oneness. 7What was the outcome of this with our lady with sciatica and finger pain? After one minute of breathing, she walked down the hall and came back to tell me how she couldn't believe it!... almost all her pain was nullified.

So, then came minute 2 of the structured breathing experience. We focused a little more thoroughly on her chief complaints of fingers and sciatica to see if we couldn't clear the whole show. We muscle tested for which Step of the 5 Steps were most pertinent to her injuries. Answer: Step 2 of the 5 Steps (In left, out right). (Often Step 2 is the priority step. However, many times it is two steps; for example, left side Step 2 and 4).

So, WE did 3 more breaths in Step 2 thinking about her finger/wrist injury and also 3 more breaths in Step 2 thinking about her sciatica. As she returned from walking down the hall a second time, she said her discomfort was gone!

You are invited to use this technique with your friends, your family, your business for 3 months and note what happens. It may not even be necessary to focus on anything in particular. See how you all feel after the 1 or 2 minute breathing. Be sure all are hydrated for best results. For greater effect, combine it with the Seven Waves Hydration Program and the Structured Breathing Kit.

Write down how you feel on your first day before the structured breathing. Take pictures of your face at that time. Then compare yourself 90 days later.

Most of all, enjoy the adventure! As we have discussed above, just know this...behind these sensational new awarenesses and experiences are 8the fundamental recalibration and regulation of the Autonomic Nervous System. The structuring process is making that happen by bringing the body back into balance.

Enjoy it as part of your daily structured life.

Stay structured, my friends!

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