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My Letter Of Gratitude January 2014

Pain is leaving my body! I can move without pain! Let’s start with my neck: At any given moment, night or day, when I turn my head to the right or to the left, or move it from side to side it doesn’t hurt! It doesn’t hurt! How is this possible?! I’ve suffered for years with the horrible pain that comes from arthritis and CFS. Not only my neck, but my hips, and knees, and shoulders… I mean, I basically sit on my bed for a living, and am very accustomed to experiencing much discomfort whenever I have to get up; as soon as my feet hit the floor, ouch!, achy pain in my hips!… or if I’m sitting with my knees bent for a while then straighten out my legs; ouch! P a i n in my knees. But Now? But Now!, no matter how late it is, or how tired I am… there’s simply no discomfort in my body! I can hop out of bed with ease and comfort! I can sit in any position as long as I want to without risking pain when I switch positions!

It’s all because of drinking and showering in structured water for two months!

Good grief, what’s next?! My severe allergies cured?! The creaky-cracky joints silenced?! The incurable CFS better??

THANK YOU, Clayton Nolte! THANK YOU Patrick Durkin! THANK YOU, GodGoddessUniverse!

Your forever fan,

-Judy Acton Ayala

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