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My Structured Water Story

My personal experience:

I started using Structured Water in November 2013, and very quickly experienced improvements in my health and life! My arthritis pain is gone! And for years it was so bad it hurt just to touch the back of my neck, and it hurt to lie on my back on my pillow! Not anymore! My hair and skin are softer! I have more energy! That's saying a lot, as I have CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)! My mood is better! I mean it! I am becoming happier, grounded, am attracting amazing people into my life because my vibration is higher! Life is opening up to me in profound ways! Oh, and our cats not only love drinking it, they sit next to their water bowl for the longest time just zennning out

Even though I always drank a lot of purified filtered water before, every morning when I woke up my tongue was dried out and stuck to the roof of my mouth! But since drinking Structured Water, every morning I wake up with a refreshingly hydrated mouth! And my severe allergies are much improved!

Thank You, Scientist and Physicist, Clayton Nolte, Inventor of Structured Water™ Units!

I know my family and I are drinking clean, toxin-free, energized, living water that is penetrating our cells, hydrating, and healing our bodies!

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