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Fun Tips For Using Your New Structured Water Device!


  • Spritzing food and drinks makes them healthier and taste better

  • Drinking Structured Water cleans the build-up on your tongue so food tastes better

  • Coffee drinkers - drinking Structured coffee amps you up more so you'll drink less coffee

  • Alcohol drinkers - Structuring drinks prevents hangovers

  • Spritz cut avocados and apples and they won't turn brown nearly as fast

  • Spritz your crown chakra and become instantly calm and grounded

  • Drink Structured Water on planes to prevent jet lag

  • Spritzing tired, burning eyes instantly rejuvinates and hydrates them

  • Spritz owies, burns, and bug bites for immediate relief and healing

  • Put a cup of Structured Water in your car radiator for better performance

  • Structure swimming pools and spas and protect yourself from the chemicals

  • Be sure to go easy on all salt to aid in hydration; salt dehydrates the body

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