My Almost-Two-Decades-Long Severe Insomnia Is Coming To An End?! (written 8/27/14)

June 7, 2014

I've been using and enjoying Structured Water for nine months now. For the past two weeks I have slept through the night (without waking up even once) more times than not! Not only that but in addition to that personal record breaker, three nights in a row this happened!


It IS because of using SW! It is because I'm becoming hydrated. Dehydration is the main cause of insomnia---apparently even for insomnia caused by us ME/CFS sufferers! Insomnia is one of the main symptoms right up there with debilitating fatigue, muscle weakness, cognitive impairment, and tinnitus.


I don't take any meds or supplements for sleep (never have, really).


This is my testimony, and it can be yours too with Structured Water!


UPDATE:  9/16/14    I am still sleeping through the nights most nights! What a feeling it is to go to bed at night and when I open my eyes again it's morning! It's a MIRACLE for me!



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